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Workforce PS integrates all of the features required for successful operation of your workforce board.
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Workforce PS gets Executives, Program and Fiscal Managers on the same page.
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A fully integrated, customizable system, Workforce PS enables workforce investment boards to automatically track, manage and report on every service they provide to program participants.

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For Workforce Alliance in Palm Beach County,Florida, one of the biggest challenges was keeping track of funding obligations created by case managers. With a lengthy lag time between when program managers wrote referrals to when documentation was received from the provider, Workforce Alliance was often in danger of overspending. According to CEO Kathryn Schmidt, “It troubled me greatly that if we were to look at the expenditures of our training accounts, we could only track based on whether we actually received a voucher.” With technology from NPT, Workforce Alliance can now determine in real time exactly how much funding they have spent and obligated, and how much they still have available for each program participant. “It has provided me with a security that I think the board expects out of me as the CEO,” said Schmidt.

Kathryn Schmidt CEO,
Workforce Alliance
Palm Beach County, Florida