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With the fully automated, easy-to-use Workforce Productivity Suite from NPT, program managers can focus on thetask at hand–

Helping program participants find great jobs. With the fully automated, easy-to-use Workforce Productivity Suite from NPT, program managers can focus on the task at hand – helping program participants find great jobs. Manual, tedious processes including filling out paperwork, going to various colleagues to obtain approvals and worrying about funding and accounting all become obsolete. Instead, you can quickly and easily access all the information you need to help clients through a single, Web-based system, dramatically streamlining and improving customer service.


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Focus on the client

By responding to clients’ needs in timely manner, and having quick access to the success metrics of specific trainings and services, program staff can make a bigger impact on the lives of participants.

By always knowing how much funding is available, you may also be able to help additional clients with funds that previously went unspent. With Workforce PS, you can also detect and stop the misuse of services by program participants, freeing up additional resources for those in need.

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Accurately track and report on every interaction with program participants. Better serve customers, manage resources and evaluate the efficacy of specific trainings and services. Workforce PS will track everything from case manager visits to resource room PC usage to the training and support dollars spent on each program participant. Our suite includes ITA and Support Service tracking, resource room computer management and tracking, and much more. You will be especially interested to learn about how our system accomplishes all this without the need for magnetic cards.


What is

A fully integrated, customizable system, Workforce PS enables workforce investment boards to automatically track, manage and report on every service they provide to program participants.


The Gazelle system has been helpful to our Case Managers in that it helps us to track participant ITA information. By having this streamlined approach we are able to become more efficient and produce better results using this system. When I first saw the system and its capabilities, my first thought was it was going to create additional work, but once I started using I saw how much more effective I was going to be in my role. I’m now a raving fan of Gazelle.

Prior to using Gazelle, our systems were manual and we had to re-enter data over and over again, and that data was not available to us remotely. Now, we only enter data one time which saves a huge amount of time, and we have access to the information from any office. This has allowed our Case Managers to provide better service to our vendors and customers.

Stephany Andrews
WIA Program Manager & Case Manager Supervisor
Suncoast Workforce Development Board in Sarasota, FL