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Rest easy with internal controls

Say goodbye to long hours of manual report compilation.

With the Workforce Productivity Suite from NPT, fiscal managers can quickly and easily produce clear, customized reports for executives, board members, auditors, grantors and other key constituents. Instead of worrying that program management will overspend your organization’s funds, you can rest assured that the proper internal controls are in place to prevent that from happening. With simple, real-time access to one, unified system, you and your colleagues will always be on the same page regarding how much of your funds have been spent and obligated and how much is left to assist additional customers.


Smarter Tools

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Safeguard currentand future funding

At any given time, you can instantly assess your organization’s financial health, and are never in danger of overspending or under spending.

By keeping the score card in check, you can greatly contribute to the success of your workforce board, as well as keep your executives and funders satisfied. Since the Workforce Productivity Suite is largely self-service, it requires very little staff investment to maintain, leading to additional financial benefits. NPT understands that you are required to follow rigorous, specialized financial accounting and reporting standards, and helps to ensure your compliance with GAAP and other regulations.

See for yourself

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Accurately track and report on every interaction with program participants. Better serve customers, manage resources and evaluate the efficacy of specific trainings and services. Workforce PS will track everything from case manager visits to resource room PC usage to the training and support dollars spent on each program participant. Our suite includes ITA and Support Service tracking, resource room computer management and tracking, and much more. You will be especially interested to learn about how our system accomplishes all this without the need for magnetic cards.


What is

A fully integrated, customizable system, Workforce PS enables workforce investment boards to automatically track, manage and report on every service they provide to program participants.


Area 7 is a customer-driven organization led by a business-based Workforce Investment Board. Area 7 is made up of 11 One-Stop systems, which are comprised of 43 Ohio counties serving over 4,400 employers and nearly 500,000 job seekers annually.

The organization was having trouble linking the activities of its program managers back into its accounting system, leaving blind spots when it came to budgeting. With WorkForce PS, the organization can now automatically track all funds without the need for manual, error-prone procedures on the part of program managers. By continuously tracking the availability, allocation and use of funds, WorkForce PS, by NPT, enables Area 7 to always know where they stand financially and avoid over or under spending.

Area 7 Workforce Investment Board
Springfield, OH