You’re continually asked to do more with less

As local workforce investment boards struggle to make the most of limited funding, the number of people seeking help from One-Stop Career Centers continues to grow. Adding to this challenge are rising employer demands for top-notch skills and education, as well as more stringent requirements from the federal and state governments for improving efficiency to retain funding.

So how can you do it all?
How can you serve more people better
with the same limited resources?

If you stick with the status quo,
you can’t do it all.

You may be asking yourself…

What can I do better?

A: Automate and integrate. Manual processes and/or the use of many separate automated systems that do not share data waste your team’s valuable time and typically do not yield valuable management information required to run your business. In addition to being slow and ineffective, these manual processes are costly and resource-intensive, involving approval from a multitude of individuals across departments and levels. Compounding this issue is the fact that systems used on the program side do not integrate with those used by fiscal managers, resulting in huge knowledge gaps across your organization.

It is our belief and experience that a single system combining both Program data along with accounting information will give your management team the reports necessary to make good decisions.

What’s at risk?

A: Under serving your community / over spending your budget. In our 20 years of experience we have seen both. On one hand, there is the WIB that scales back their services in an effort to not go over budget only to find out after the year end that they underspent their budget and had to return unused funds. On the other hand, there is the WIB that continues to serve customers not realizing that they have over committed their funds. Either of these situations results in an unhappy Board of Directors. Workforce PS provides real-time information allowing your to avoid both overspending your budget and underserving your community.

What’s there to lose?

A: In addition to threatening the livelihood of your workforce investment board, these disjointed and tedious processes also hurt program participants. Without a means of helping people in real-time, your organization may significantly delay job placement as clients wait several days or weeks to be approved for training and other services. Additionally, without a clear, timely view of how much money is available, you might be leaving funds on the table that could help additional people secure work.

Believe it or not, the answer is quite simple.
The Workforce Productivity Suite (Workforce PS) from NonProfit Technologies (NPT) bridges the gap between program and fiscal management. By providing comprehensive, real-time insight into what is going on in your organization, Workforce PS replaces redundant, manual processes with automated procedures, improving both client service and operational efficiency.

A fully integrated, customizable system, Workforce PS enables workforce investment boards to automatically track, manage and report on every service they provide to program participants.

Arrows Management

With the Workforce Productivity Suite, your program and fiscal managers work together on the same page.

Say goodbye to long hours of manual report compilation.

Fully automated, easy-to-use. Program managers can now focus on the task at hand– helping program participants find great jobs.



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Key Features

Case Case Management
Accurately track and report on every interaction with program participants. Better serve customers, manage resources and evaluate the efficacy of specific trainings and services. Workforce PS will track everything from case manager visits to resource room PC usage to the training and support dollars spent on each program participant. Our suite includes ITA and Support Service tracking, resource room computer management and tracking, and much more. You will be especially interested to learn about how our system accomplishes all this without the need for magnetic cards.

accounting Accounting
Quickly develop industry-compliant reports to demonstrate financial stability to the board, grantors, auditors, monitors and other key audiences. Workforce PS will account for every transaction by grant, sub-recipient, program, one-stop, cost category, department, program year, and even each participant. Yes, each participant. Manage the entire life cycle of every voucher issued, from creation through invoicing and payment, with internal controls to avoid over or under spending.

Procurement Procurement
Effectively manage and track the acquisition of goods and services from third-party providers, not only for your operations but also for your program participants. Our electronic workflow engine allows for a fully paperless requisition and approval system to streamline your business process.

Allocations Allocations Management
We understand WIB’s often need to perform complex allocations of indirect costs benefiting multiple funding-sources’. Our allocations management system performs your complicated allocations with the click of a button. Calculate, review, and generate allocation entries using a flexible, easy-to-understand toolset offered within your accounting system while maintaining a complete audit trail and eliminating the risk of spreadsheet errors.

Human Resources Human Resources
Conduct a comprehensive range of HR functions including payroll processing, human resource management, employee web services and electronic time and attendance. Time and attendance data can be automatically shared with the allocation management module.

Executive Reporting Executive Reporting
Easily assess the financial health of your workforce board and the success of your services through standard reports. Financial reports to help determine exactly where you stand and statistical reports such as total number of participants served in a day, which services and trainings are of most benefit to participants, and funds allocated and available at any given time are all readily available and easily accessible.

Si Service Intelligence (Si)
Service Intelligence allows Workforce Boards and workforce-related organizations to capture information on every customer entering the One-Stop Career Center (including remote service locations and mobile units), track services provided, and control access of Resource Room PC’s. Customer Self Service (CSS) and Resource Room Assistant (RRA) are two of the modules offered within the Service Intelligence platform. CSS and RRA are designed to save time & money though eliminating manual procedures and staff time, which in-turn improves customer service and ultimately your overall performance.

What is

A fully integrated, customizable system, Workforce PS enables workforce investment boards to automatically track, manage and report on every service they provide to program participants.

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